Terms and Conditions


  • Winter bookings are not allocated until 1st April 2023 (earlier than in previous years)
  • Member bookings are satisfied first on this date
  • After that, priority is by date of receipt
  • Non-members must be accompanied by a member for their stay
  • Bookings are on a per-person rather than per-room basis. Rooms are allocated by admin shortly before your stay.
  • Overbookings are resolved preferably by negotiation, otherwise by ballot
  • Bookings are requested and payment is made via the website at kal.org.au
  • Bookings are not accepted from members with monies owing to the club


  • Members pay an annual subscription at a rate equal to the annual standing charges divided by the number of members
  • Standing charges are those costs incurred whether or not the lodge is open & include insurance, lease fees, community charges, & depreciation
  • Members who have paid annual subscription are entitled to 7 days free accommodation
  • Members’ immediate family including dependent children 25 and under pay member rates in winter
  • Full payment for bookings are required at the time of booking
  • Payments are made securely with Credit/Debit Card via the website at kal.org.au, and are facilitated by Stripe
  • Credit/Debit Card details are not stored on the web site.


  • Cancellation fee is $50 if 21 days prior to accommodation date
  • Otherwise fee is 50% of tariff
  • Refund in full if cancellation due to government imposed lock-down or mandate

Check-in / Check-out time:

  • Check-in time is 15:00
  • Check-out time is 10:00