Getting there

Travelling by car in winter:

In winter, there is no overnight parking in Perisher Valley.  For this purpose, winter is usually early June to early October depending on snow conditions.

Most guests drive to Bullocks Flat and catch the Skitube to Perisher Valley. Parking is free and there is no park entry fee.

Facilities for loading luggage onto Skitube train are convenient.

Travelling by Skitube:

The Skitube runs only in winter. Service frequency varies from on-demand to hourly, half-hourly and every 20 minutes.

Luggage is officially not allowed on Skitube early mornings to Perisher, or late afternoons from Perisher. (It may be allowed if skier traffic is light.) Check the Perisher website or app for Skitube timetable and exact luggage restriction times. Skitube travel is usually cheaper if booked a week ahead or connected with a ski pass.

From the Perisher Skitube terminal it is less than 400M to the Lodge. You can either walk or book a snowcat with luggage.  Prior to 2023, snowcat services were provided by Hans Oversnow.  A new contract for snowcat services has been let to 4SITE Australia.  They come to Perisher with experience from providing snowcat services  to Victorian resorts.  There will be an online booking service and a number of new vehicles.  More information will become available before winter 2023.

Travelling by bus:

Buses run in winter to Perisher Valley or Bullocks Flat Skitube terminal from Sydney, Canberra, Cooma and Jindabyne.

Travelling by air:

Air services run to Canberra and less frequently to Cooma from various cities. Some services package a connecting bus to the snowfields with an air ticket.

Travelling in Perisher by Taxi:

In addition to their Skitube to Lodge services, 4SITE will also run a taxi service in Perisher Valley.  More information before winter 2023.

Travelling by car in summer:

In summer, you can drive to parking spaces right outside the lodge. An annual or day pass is required to enter the National Park. Bypass queuing at the gate by pre-purchasing.

The lodge is located on Burramys Road, across Perisher Creek and up the hill to the tree line from the large carpark in the valley.